Dallas Marriott Hotel Restaurant Review

Marriott Hotel Review


The lady in the middle, Red, was my waitress.

I normally don’t do reviews but I enjoyed the restaurant in the hotel over there so much, that I feel the need to show my satisfaction. Do note that this is not a recent visit but something I should have done shortly after I returned from Dallas. I have also lost the email that the waitress gave me so I will have to find a way to contact her. Anyway, let’s get started!

First off, there are no pictures of the food I ate. I was pretty damn hungry after I had finished my shift at A-Kon. It was the last one and I decided that I would stay up rather than sleep due to the fact that I would have to go to that dreaded place in less than four hours. The link that I have placed above is the link to the Hotel (I believe, at least). So hopefully that will give you a bit more insight on it. I also will not give a rating for each category I am about to blog. I just don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. I will rate it at the end though.


Oh my god, was the service amazing. The kind lady who waited me goes by the name “Red.” I first met her when I came in after my second shift at A-Kon. I was terribly tired and wanted coffee. I went to the Marriott Hotel because I found out that there was a Starbucks there. When I went in, I found out that they had an All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet. It was not that bad of a price either. They had lowered the price down for the weekend which just happened to be in the same weekend as A-Kon. I ended up eating a parfait rather than drinking coffee from the Starbucks that was in the hotel (which was very delicious by the way). Red was the one who helped me decide to get the parfait and did an excellent job on making the parfait for me. She was very kind and very sociable. Everyone else was just as great. Please forgive me if I have forgotten most of your names. It has been quite a while and it was just Red that I had conversed with the most. George (I believe that was his name) was also very sociable and I enjoyed conversing with him. He was the one making the omelettes and did pretty well. Everyone else was just as amazing though. I probably could not ask for anything better. Service here was A+ with no doubt.

Recreational Value

Due to the fact that this was a restaurant in a hotel, there wasn’t much to see to make it visually pleasing. Despite this, they made the small corner decent. It did feel a bit cramped around the place where you would get the food, but it served its purpose well. The important part is the seating area. The area felt a bit cramped as well but it was very comfortable at the same time. For the most part, I was eating the food and that is what I concentrated on so I wasn’t really doing much sight seeing. Regardless, I still enjoyed being there.


Now the food wasn’t that exceptionally awesome. It’s breakfast food but man was it DELICIOUS. I was terribly hungry and was waiting for it for a long time. The omelettes George made though were very delicious. I loved them so much that I got two from him. I kept eating until I could no longer eat a single bite. I don’t exactly remember what I had eaten but it was satisfactory and pleasant to eat. Red had given me a mix of two teas which ended up creating an interesting flavour. Even though I had tea, I still had to have my water. I’m nothing without it. In the end, the food was great (but not amazing). I was very satisfied with that they had out for the buffet.


The food and the location wasn’t what made the visit amazing, it was the service. Never have I had such amazing service given to me. They spoke to me as though they have known me for a long time. They are definitely the kind of people that anyone can easily enjoy conversing with. Whoever was in charge of hiring employees for the restaurant did a great job. Red is definitely the waitress anyone could ever ask for. Very kind, sociable, knowledgeable, and very funny. The others were commenting on just how well she handles customers as well which is very good. If it were not for Red, my stay would not have been as enjoyable. I will have to give credit to the others as they did contribute as well.

I have been contemplating what kind of rating I should give this restaurant. I will say that it was not perfect in every way, but it was damn near it. Thus, I will have to say it gets a 4.5/5 stars from me. I enjoyed the food, the service, and it served as a memorable experience while I was at Dallas. Thank you all for making it worth the money I paid to eat there. You have given me the money I put down and then three times more. Thank you.

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