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Oh man, where do I even start without falling into the obvious fanboy phase? I watched the movie series many years ago back when I was in high school. That was probably three years ago. Anyway I digress. I will begin the review-ish thing without spoiling the story as much as possible. This will be very difficult.

Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners was a novel made by TYPE-Moon before it became what it is now. It is a supernatural anime movie series that goes up to seven chapters. The series is told in broken order. What I mean is that it told stories from different parts of the timeline. The movie series doesn’t go in chronological order.

Kara no Kyoukai is so much more than just a cartoon, an anime, a movie series. Kara no Kyoukai is not a love story. Kara no Kyoukai is not an action series. Kara no Kyoukai is beauty.

The way its story has been told is one that is very fascinating. Kara no Kyoukai first begins around the middle of the timeline where we begin to know the main character: Ryougi Shiki. It was a short movie of about fifty minutes. This episode was essential as it presented to us the characters and the concept of the story.

I can’t recall how I ran into Kara no Kyoukai but when I first started watching it, I was hooked. It’s a type of anime that focuses more on story telling and dialogue in comparison to anything else. It provides a lot of notable quotes. It’s not an anime directed towards an action-based audience, that is for sure. It does provide some really flashy action scenes, but they are not important to the story yet essential for the progress of the story. What’s important is the context of the story which is the dialogue.

The music is a MASTERPIECE by Kajiura Yuki. I remember following her for a little bit when I first watched .hack//SIGN. I loved her pieces but when I listened to her compositions from Kara no Kyoukai, it so much more. I think Kajiura really made a HUGE leap in her skills when she started with Kara no Kyoukai. When the movie calls for it, the music can be quite mellow, dramatic, saddening, exciting, cheerful, devastating, deadly. There’s a song from the seventh chapter that just moves my entire body in a physical and mental sense. M38+39. You’ll notice that the song title I just provided is just an M and some numbers. She did the same thing with the rest of the other chapters. At first, I found it annoying. After a while, I really began to appreciate it. When we read a title of a song, we often have a predetermined outlook on the song. When we have an untitled song, we are then left to our own imagination to name it something on our own.

Not only is the OST good, she even brought together a group of singers to create Kalafina. I’ve already made a blog entry about Kalafina I will just say that this anime was how I got to know about them. After all, this anime is how they made their debut. Not much more to say without repeating what I’ve already said in that previous post.

TL;DR Version (even though it’s kind of short in my opinion)

If you’re not into listening to interesting and abstract ideas, then you will not like this anime. If all you’re into is cute anime, then this is NOT for you at all! If you can withstand a horror setting, abstract ideas and a lot of dialogue, then I really suggest you watch this. It was animated by the same people who did Fate/Zero and the music was done by the same exact composer of Fate/Zero as well, Kajiura Yuki.

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  1. OMG I was actually remembering Kara no Kyoukai yesterday and that I forgot to watch the second movie! xD

    I should go watch now. Thanks for reviewing~

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