Day 226: Unnecessary Conflicts

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A test with the materials that I had. Not the best result but was fun nevertheless.
A test with the materials that I had. Not the best result but was fun nevertheless.

Just so I can explain a bit of the picture above, I tried to do something similar to a green screen with some blue tissue paper that I had laying around. I knew it’d be a bit of a long shot but I tried it anyway.

As I expected, it didn’t come out all that great. It’s only to be expected if I were to use the flash on the camera. What I would really need is some lighting fixtures to properly light the area.

Since the outcome of the picture taking of the blue-screen wasn’t exactly the best, it ended up being a bit more of a pain to extract the figure. I can easily use the pen tool to do a perfect extraction, but that takes a lot more time with which I no longer have the patience to do.

So as a suggestion from my mother (to which for some reason, I never thought of), I’ve brought my sister to begin training to work the store. I probably will bring her along from now on and teach her how to run the till and operate the business while I am gone.

I mentioned yesterday that Hussein would arrive at the store today. The event that preceded this was a phone call that was made to me last night. For some reason, Ray had some kind of heated argument with Hussein in regards to his possessions that are in the store. It eventually led Hussein to believe that we had sold the gate and got him upset thinking that we were going to take the items to ourselves or whatever profit we made from selling the items.

To be fair, he has had his possessions in our store for a very, very long time. I understand that he’s practically out there alone and trying his best to do what he can to find space to place his items. The issue lies within the fact that it has almost been nearly four months since everything of his has been in the store. It was only barely a month ago since he had taken some of the bigger furniture.

I don’t want to make him upset, but the fact that he’s getting upset is rather unsettling and Ray making things more difficult only adds fuel to the fire. All these conflicts are unnecessary and Hussein has even brought his son-in-law, Ali (I believe that is how you spell it; he’s also the owner of the gyro restaurant right next to my store), into the situation.

Before I left the store with Jasmine, Hussein was telling me that Ali would take care of everything for him. I felt bad for Ali considering that he had came into the store shortly before this explaining how he would rather stay out of the situation between Hussein and Ray. In any case, it perhaps may be better that a second party (both me and Ali) participate in this. I just feel slightly anxious in regards to this approach.

If you asked me to be honest, I would tell you that I would just rather throw away everything. It’s evident that Hussein is a bit of a hoarder and there are a lot of items that seem to be useless which only adds more to the clutter of things.

I can only hope that things will go smoothly and his items will soon return back to him without any further delay.

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