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As I might have mentioned in one of my posts, I went to a concert during PAX where I was introduced to two individuals known as the Super Guitar Bros. These wonderful individuals started up somewhat recently (judging from the date of their first video on their YouTube account, three years ago) and have started to become more and more well known and are attempting to produce more content for their fans.

You should check them out here before I go any further!

First, before I go into more details, let me just slap down the list of songs that the Super Guitar Bros played during the concert.

  • Game of Thromes
  • Donkey Kong
  • Super Mario World
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Metroid
  • Wii Plaza
  • Castlevania
  • Final Fantasy VII

While I may not have watched Game of Thrones (which consequently means that I never heard any of the music from it), I was able to appreciate the level of skill these two individuals were presenting.

Once they started to play some of the more familiar music, the crowd began to enjoy it a bit more and you could just feel everyone just having a good time listening to the acoustic version of their favourite games.

What I could really appreciate from SGB was the fact that they had more than one song for a majority of the games they said they’d be playing. It only makes sense considering that most of the bgm in these games are short loops that play over and over again. What I liked was how they melded the music together so that the song felt more like you were playing the game and progressed through the stages rather than just standalone songs.

When they started playing the Ocarina of Time music, my heart perhaps stopped a few beats as they subtly started playing. From the beats of Epona’s stomping to the gradual crescendo of the main title theme, my hairs were standing. The sensation of extreme nostalgia overwhelmed me. In a way, I felt as though I had traveled back in time for a few moments only to be thrown into a whole new world.

It’s fairly difficult to properly express how I felt and what went through my mind considering that this is a very abstract concept to begin with. The only way to truly understand is if you had a similar experience with any of these games and being at the concert listening to the Super Guitar Bros play some of the most memorable music of your childhood.

What I’ve noticed that the Super Guitar Bros which varies from most other guitar players is their style. Most of the time, I usually find most guitar players to play more chords than melodic music. I can understand that it’s marginally easier to play by cords than it is to play each individual string (and arguably sound better overall). This is only mere speculation and I have no method of validation to confirm any of this as I do not carry any experience playing the guitar. In any case, I digress.


I think what really brings these two individuals out is the contrast in their appearance and even the kind of guitar that they use (one guitar is nylon while the other is steel stringed). That’s not to say that they are completely different, but it’s a noticeable difference much like the difference you’d see between Mario and Luigi (fitting analogy, no?).

When I was given the opportunity to get to know them, the interaction we had solidified the impressions I had gotten from these two. Sam and Steve are both very nice individuals who (for the lack of better terms at the moment) are very chill. They were a lot of fun to talk to; however I felt as though that I really missed some good opportunities to really get to know them.

At the very least, their initial impressions were good and will remain to be memorable people I got to meet at PAX Prime. Hopefully our paths will cross once more.

By the way, you guys definitely should support them! They currently have a Patreon page set up where you can donate a certain amount of money per video that they put up. If you do not want to exceed a certain amount of money per month, there is a cap that you can set so that if the Super Guitar Bros do suddenly have a waterfall of videos published, your wallet will not be crying.

Be sure to subscribe/like/follow their

Show them the support that they deserve as growing musicians! There aren’t many acoustic guitar players that I support whole-heartedly as I do with Sam and Steve. With your help, they’ll continue to grow and give back what you gave to them!

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