Day 358: Miniature Armageddon [Prologue]

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“All I ever wanted was to go fas in real life…”

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Sanic heaved a heavy sigh. As much as Sanic tried, he could not seem to get on the good side of all the nendoroids he interacted with so far. Every time he tried, he had been cut up, brutally slashed, and beaten up. It bothered Sanic as to why he couldn’t figure out the meaning behind their actions. As he breathed out another sigh, as if on cue, a large shadow overcast him.


The blue hegehog turned around to face what appeared to be an attempt of a cat. With two pairs of ears and glowing red eyes, the creature almost appeared as though rather than looking at you, he stared directly into your soul.

“I take it that you’ve been defeated again?”

“1 d1Dn’7 3vN d0 4ny7h1ngG!!11” Sanic cried out.

The white creature nodded before he spoke again, “I see. Well, I’ll grant you the powers of the Chaos Emerald once more. As long you continue to serve me, I will continue to revive you. Though it’s not as if you had a choice to begin with.”

Sanic looks down (while almost dropping his Chinese bootleg face) exasperated. He simply nods and thanks the strange creature for his assistance once again.

Several Months Ago…


Going fas. That’s all Sanic did and wanted to do. It was literally all he knew. Before he knew it, he became a sensation on the internet. Through the continued exposure he had faced, he slowly began to develop cognitive abilities. Sanic was beginning to be able to speak, think, and then eventually confirm his own existence.


Once he began to gain self-awareness, he began to explore the world wide web. It didn’t take too long before he realized that he was a fake, a parody of a popular character named Sonic. Realizing this, he desperately tried to find a way to become true and honest. Something real. He looked up something that was called “copyright” since he had heard that it would help him keep his originality. Sanic went through many different websites in hopes that he would become real and unique.

“I can grant your wishes.”


Sanic turned around to see a white furry creature with red eyes. Was it a fox? Was it a dog? It was hard to tell. He didn’t get to explore the internet too much to know beforehand.

“I can grant any wish you desire if you make a contract with me,” the creature reaffirmed.

“I’ll do it!” Sanic yelled immediately. Even though it was an answer he felt he was sure of, Sanic began to wonder if he should have stopped to think before answering.

“Excellent. Now, what is your wish?” Kyuubey spoke slowly.

“I want to be real! Like… that!” Sanic pointed towards a picture of a Sonic Nendoroid that was floating by.


Kyuubey took a glance and asked, “Is that really what you want?”

“More than anything!” Sanic quickly replied.

For a split second, Sanic could have sworn (if it were possible) Kyuubey made a small smirk in his already seemingly permanent smile.

“I understand. Please wait as I fulfill your wish! Take care!”

The moment Kyuubey finished his sentence, Sanic’s consciousness went black. In what only felt like a second, Sanic felt excrutiating pain, felt as though he was being taken apart, put back together, sealed and everything stopped. In what felt like another second, his vision appeared again. He surveyed his surroundings to find himself in an unfamiliar world. Everything was in… 3D.


“0MgG!111 1’m 4 r33l!!11 w4iT wTFF?!?!!1111 Y eM eYE 74lk1nG li3K di5!!11/??!?!?!!!”



Sanic began to panic only to have it completely dissipate when he found out his leg had fallen off. He stared at his leg and then his hands. He appeared to be like the nendoroid he had pointed at when he was in the internet. Why was he so different then?

“I’ve granted your wish. Are you happy?”


Sanic turned around (only to drop his arm in the process) to see that smiling furry creature with the large tail again… except only it was almost five times his size.


“w7fFF m4nNN!?!! 4m I a fAeK!?!?!!”

Without changing his face, Kyuubey simply responded, “Yes.”

What have I gotten myself into? I can’t speak right, I’m some bootleg nendoroid, and…

As if reading his thoughts, Kyuubey interjected, “And my slave.”

Sanic looked up to the white creature in disbelief. “… 5l4vv333?????????????????????///??”

“Yes. It’s here in your contract.” Kyuubey pulls out a white document seemingly out of thin air and presents it to Sanic.


Indeed, it noted the condition and terms to the contract that Sanic had made with Kyuubey. However he kept reading the same line over and over again (really fas) as if by doing so, the contract would undo itself.

The contractor hereby accepts the client’s wish to be in the appearance of a Nendoroid at the condition that he or she will become the slave of the contractor for the remainder of his or her existence.


“d15 1S D|_|m8!!!11 1 n3vR a9r33D 2 d1555!!111”

“On the contrary, Mr. Sanic, you did. By taking the wish and accepting your form, you signed the contract. You now exist to fulfill my purpose.”

Sanic was frustrated. He finally had a chance to become real instead of a joke; however instead, for the first time, Sanic went 2 fas.

“4lL121gh7, w|_|7 d0 U wUn7 m33 2 d0?”


There was that smirk that Sanic noticed for only a split second again. Kyuubey’s eyes also appeared to glow a bit redder than usual.

“I have the perfect job for you…”

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  1. Oh my gooooood. I knew that this series would be good but now I know that it will be 99999999999999999x better than expected. I can’t wait to hear more tales of fas

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