Day 359: Miniature Armageddon [The Beginning]

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miniarmageddon-pt2-14On the eve of Christmas, a small blonde girl was walking around with no destination in mind while consuming her favorite doughnuts. Since she was new to the family, Shinobu didn’t find herself to fit too well with the rest of the crew. However she didn’t mind. It wouldn’t take too long before something interesting would arise.


Speaking of interesting, there was a sudden surge of energy that resonated within the atmosphere. Having had roamed the earth for several centuries, Shinobu knew something was amidst.


The little vampire simply smirked and quietly spoke to herself.

“Oh ho~ This ought to be interesting.”


The Little Busters and Kill la Kill girls decided to have a Christmas Eve party in hopes to get to know each other better! It was at the suggestion of Mako since she really wanted Ryuko and Satsuki to get to know the entire nendoroid family a little better. Since it was Mako’s suggestion, she also brought some of the mysterious croquettes that her mother always make. She figured it would be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and spend time with each other.









The girls were having the time of their lives. It had been a long time since they were able to socialize with other nendoroids. Although Mako was the one who made the suggestion and invited everyone, she was already beginning to feel very tired. Nevertheless, this was surely to be the best Christmas Eve party that she and the other nendoroids would ever have.


Suddenly, there was a blue blur that had brushed past them. The girls would have taken more notice if it a large emerald had not suddenly appeared in front of them. Kud, being the curious girl that she was, went up to pick the emerald up to examine it a bit. As she began to do so, the emerald suddenly started to grow brighter at an alarmingly fast rate. Satsuki, taking notice of the situation, rushes to Kud to dipose of the emerald. She was, however, too late.


The emerald fell between Satsuki and Kud and it suddenly burst in energy. Luckily the other girls were too far for the burst to have any effect on them. When the burst had ceased, Satsuki turned from everyone while Kud was simply crying out of being so startled.



Kud couldn’t help but feel even more scared than ever though. She began to have this feeling that she lost a small part of herself. It was then that she felt something behind her…



Ryuko felt concerned for Satsuki and approached her. Satsuki still had not yet turned around when Ryuko came up behind her. She gave Satsuki a few pats and asked, “Hey, you feelin alright?”


Satsuki suddenly turned around, her eyes almost appearing to be literally burning. She had a red glow around her eyes as she yelled.

“You repulsive creature! You dare approach me in such fashion?!”

“H-hey Satsuki! What’s gotten into you?” Ryuko asked shockingly.


“How DARE you speak through Ryuko’s voice! I will not waver in my resolve to cleanse you from this world! Begone, you filthy excuse of a fiber!”


Ryuko pulled out the scissor blade and pointed at both Satsuki and the doppelganger who had a similar appearance to Kud.

“Look here. I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t like it! If you’re aiming for a fight, as much as I would hate to do it, I’ll do ya right here and now!”

Without any words, Kud rose her hand towards Ryuko while Satsuki tightened her grip on her sword. A small ball of energy began to grow near Kud’s hand and Satsuki was drawing closer to Ryuko. Just as Satsuki was about to leap towards Ryuko, a booming voice echoed through the skies.


“Cease your attacks! You are to return to me at once.”

Satsuki and Kud’s doppel took notice of the voice and immediately put a halt to their actions. Satsuki looked down for a little before she rose her head to look at Ryuko.


“I will free you pigs from the restraints of evil. I swear by it!”

The blue blur from earlier came back only to finally take form. It was Sanic heghog. Before anyone could grasp what was going on, Sanic suddenly spoke foreign words.


“K#aUsss c0nTr0lll!!!1111”



As quickly as he appeared, Sanic disappeared taking Satsuki and the doppel with him. The girls stood there stunned, unable to tell what had just happened. After a long silence passed between them all, Komari finally spoke up.


“I-I-I think we should tell everyone else!”

Rin looked towards Komari and nodded in agreement. Certainly something had to be done as their friend had just been captured. Was there something else happening? Why is Sanic still alive? How long is Mako going to sleep?

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