Day 360: Miniature Armageddon [The Conference]

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Upon arrival, the girls told what had happened to Aoko. Being the first nendoroid of the family, she knew there was something weird going on. As a result, she called for a conference with all the nendoroids in order to figure out what was going on and how to proceed.

“Alright,” Aoko started, “let’s begin with what we already know. During the party the girls were having yesterday, a strange burst of energy came out of nowhere which resulted in having Satsuki under some kind of influence while a doppelganger appeared out from Kud.”

Aoko looked at everyone to confirm with everyone before continuing.

“Lastly, an humanoid form in the shape of a… hedgehog appeared when a voice thundered in the skies. This same person held an emerald before disappearing with Satsuki and Kud’s doppel, correct?”

Ryuko stepped up to add in a few extra details.


“Not only that… both Satsuki and whatever it was that looked like Kud had a red glow around their eyes. It was very weird but it was only then that I realized that there was something wrong with Satsuki! She’s acting just like how she did back when I first met her!”

Aoko was perplexed by what she had just heard. It seemed that there was a lot more to what had just happened than it originally appeared.

Back when both Ryuko and Satsuki first met? Could it be possible that the energy blast caused Satsuki to have Amnesia? That wouldn’t make sense as to what I’ve heard so far though…

Aoko turned towards Kud and asked if there was anything that she had noticed.


“Wafu? I’m not entirely too sure as to what happened! I was too scared by what had happened to really know what I saw. I am very sorry!”

Komari and Rin turned towards Aoko in hopes to help better clear up the situation.


“What came out of Kud definitely looked exactly like her! But the thing is that she didn’t act anything similar to Kud. She had this weird smile and didn’t say a weird. She also seemed to have some supernatural powers. Also, like Ryuko said, Kud– I mean her doppel– also had red glowing eyes!”

Aoko started to grow even more concerned as she was listening to Komari.

It just doesn’t add up… Satsuki appears to have amnesia but Kud had a doppel. Why did the emerald have different effects? What is going on here?

“I would also like to add a few things to this conference, if you would allow for a few moments.” SaberĀ  inquired as she stepped up to the table looking towards Aoko for approval. As soon as she did, Saber continued.


“I noticed there was an increase in aggression in some of the other toys around. Although there aren’t many others, the Walking Dead zombie approached me faster than its usual slow approach. It was of no real concern, however I fear that that the emerald may have done more than what we are currently aware of.”


“Yeah! It’s starting to get scary around here! I don’t feel as safe as I used to!” Chitoge shouted out.

The air became tense as everyone was expecting Aoko to have a solution for eveyrone. After a few seconds of contemplation, Aoko lifted her head and finally spoke.


“Alright everyone. We’re going to set up a defensive perimeter. I want to make sure that there are no security holes in this perimeter and-”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were ya.”


Aoko looked up to see who had spoken to see Shinobu.

“If ya’ll were to set up a defensive perimeter, it would not only be useless, but you’d only bring an end to you all.”

Aoko responded back to the vampire, “While I appreciate your concern, I must think about the safety of all the other nendoroids here. We are going against a force that we don’t even know about! Surely you must understand what I am saying, right?” However she couldn’t help but reflect on what Shinobu had said.


Though I suppose she is right though… how long can a defensive perimeter keep us safe? I mean… they did come out of nowhere. A perimeter would only prove to be useless if that is the case. Then how else should we-

A loud crack whipped through the air startling Aoko from her train of thought. She quickly turned to see what it was.


“What the hell was that?!”

There they were; there the three infamous characters the conference was held for appeared right in front of them out of nowhere. The one they called Sanic along with Satsuki and Kud’s doppel.

“3yE’mMEE bA44Ck!!111 d15 7iEm u’M h3aR 4 UU!!111”


Alice turned to the odd blue hedgehog, unable to assess the current situation she was in now.

“I beg your pardon?”

As Alice was asking her question, she found herself already in front of the three that had appeared out of nowhere. Her confusion grew more and more intense as the situation progressed. Before she could even utter another sound, the blue hedgehog already said those two words the girls recalled hearing before.


“k#aUSss c00nTTRUlLLL!!!!111”




Aoko, paralyzed from disbelief, began to realize how bad things have gotten. If the emerald that she just saw is capable of brainwashing and teleportation, then they are in grave danger. She’s known Alice long enough to be well aware of just how powerful Alice’s magic is. If Alice begins to work with whatever force they’re with, then it can already be determined that they will face inevitable danger.


“Hey!! What did I miss?!”

Aoko jumped. Mako had startled her since she was deep into thought. It was surprisingly the push that Aoko needed to move forward. After regaining her composure, she approached the blonde vampire. Her gaze fixed onto the vampire, she pointed and finally declared:


“Okay, vampire. We shall go on the offensive. I ask that you will support me and the rest of the family!”


To be continued…

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