Day 361: Miniature Armageddon [The Plan]

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“Hello, Aoko? This is Elsie. I have just spotted an odd structure. I sense something from here. I do believe this is where they are all hiding at.”

Even though she knew Elsie wouldn’t be there to see, Aoko simply nodded and thanked Elsie for her efforts. After she decided to go on the offensive, Aoko had to act fast. Time was of essence and she knew she didn’t have much of it. Aoko went through the operation through her head several times already, but figured it’d be a good time as any other to go over it one last time. Now that they have located the base of the enemy, it is imperative that she make absolute sure that nothing goes wrong. As Aoko closed her eyes, she began to recollect the briefing she gave everyone.


Aoko knew she was low on offense, but she had to make sure that they would take out the enemy in one fell swoop. Shinobu unfortunately declined in assisting due to the operation not having any “incentives” for her to participate. Despite Aoko’s attempts, the vampire stood fast in her decision and would not budge. As reluctant as she was, Aoko moved on in order to get the flow going.

Aoko approached Saber and Ryuko to brief them on what their role was in the operation. It was fairly simple: they were the muscle in the operation. No body else had the stamina, strength and experience in combat as these two had. Aoko was also confident in Saber’s abilities considering she is a heroic spirit. That knowledge alone was enough to keep her calm in spite of the current situation.

“Saber, Ryuko. I know this is asking a lot, but I need you guys to be in the front lines. While we have our scout searching for the enemy base, I need you to follow her and make sure you’re well hidden from any patrol that may be in the area. You also have to be extra cautious since they appear to possess the ability to teleport. Be on your best guard for that very reason.”

“I understand. I will do the best my abilities will allow me,” Saber assured Aoko.

“You can count on us, boss.” Ryuko added.

Now that she had that handled, she needed to find someone who would be able to scout. This was difficult considering many of the other girls are very fragile and not suited for any kind of reconnaissance. It was then she realized that Elsie had just recently joined the family. From what she learned from chatting with her, Elsie possessed a scarf that was capable of many things that even Aoko had not even realized magic was capable of. Since Elsie had the lowest chance of detection, Aoko approached the young self-proclaimed “demon.”


“Okay Elsie,” Aoko began, “I need you to do the scouting. I know you’re capable of flying and that will help us the most in this operation. If you can find the base, we will then be able to do a pre-emptive attack on the enemy. The only issue is communication. I’ll need you to tell us as soon as you’ve found the base but how…”

Elsie thought for a second and came up with an idea. She tore off a small piece of the scarf she wore and gave it to Aoko.

“If you place it by your ear, it should form itself as some kind of communication device! I’ve made sure that you’ll be able to work with it.”

Aoko was stunned at the massive utility potential the scarf had. However that was irrelevant to the operation.

“Thank you, Elsie. Make sure you aren’t seen as you go scouting!”

“Don’t worry about that! I got that covered~”

As Elsie finished, she wrapped herself with the scarf and she faded from existence. There was ever a slight “blur” in the air whenever Elsie would make movement. Aoko suddenly thought how nice it would be to have the scarf.

“Okay! I’ll let you know when I’ve found the base! Wish me luck!”

Aoko bid her farewell as Elsie flew off… at least Aoko felt she was waving at the right spot. That very lack of knowledge also led her to find the perfect job for the rest of the girls who are unable to contribute to the operation. Aoko’s knowledge of the emerald left her feeling completely uneasy. Thus she delegated the research job to the rest of the girls. She would hope with that many people looking up information, they’ll be able to come up with some information quickly.


“You guys got that? Make sure you search the internet for information in regards to that emerald. Remember, this isn’t any emerald that you can find the jewelry shop. The emerald that they possessed was massive! It fit the entire palm of… whatever that blue thing was. So make sure that your search involves powers related to a large gem.”

Kud and the rest of the girls assured Aoko that they would do their best to find information in order to help their friends (and make sure Kud’s doppel wouldn’t do anything embarrassing in public).

miniarmageddon-pt4-4Aoko kept running the operation over and over in her head. She wanted to make sure that it would go completely smooth without any incident. The last thing that she wanted is to lose any more of the Nendoroids. Since she was the first one in the family, it was her duty to maintain the family and make sure no one would be harmed.

As she was thinking, Elsie added more to her report.


“Um, Aoko? I think I see someone else. I’m pretty sure it’s Satsuki. What should we do?”


“You know what that means then. Everything so far is in place. If Satsuki is there, then there is no doubt in my mind that the structure you found is, in fact, their hideout. Ryuko, Saber, go!”

The two girls jumped from the shadows over the railing to land near the structure. There they faced Satsuki. Ryuko felt a bit conflicted as she didn’t want to hurt Satsuki; however she wasn’t sure exactly how Satsuki would approach them.


“Ah, I see you two have finally arrived. If you’re approaching me with weapons in hand, then that must mean that you still have not seen the error of your ways. I will have to remedy that myself.”

“Satsuki!” Ryuko yelled, “You’re not yourself! What’s gotten into you! Please, just come back home so that we can find out what we can do to help that weird little girl Kud!”

“As you can hear, Satsuki appears to still be under some influence,” Saber quietly reported to Aoko, “What do you propose we do?”

“I know you both don’t want to, but you will have to incapacitate her. Make sure she doesn’t suffer from any injury. I know that’s easier said than done, but I’m counting on you guys.”


Satsuki’s heavy glare did not falter. Instead, she rose her arm with the sword pointed towards Ryuko and Saber.

“You seem to misunderstand. Do you not realize that this is not your own thought? How can you delude yourself into thinking you have free will? No matter. I will free you pigs from the restraints that hold you down! Prepare yourself!”

To be continued…

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