Day 363: Miniature Armageddon [The Assault]

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Sparks flew through the air as three blades met. A long haired refined woman was keeping her footing against two others. The two, Ryuko and Saber, were having extreme difficulty just being able to advance towards Satsuki. As fierce as their swordplay were, it proved to be meaningless against Satsuki’s defense and counters.

“Her swordmanship is most impressive,” Saber comments, “Her power matches that almost to mine own. Nevertheless, I am honored to be able to meet swords with such a skilled young lady.”

Ryuko nodded.

“She really is good with the sword. I used to have a hard time being able to catch up with her the first time I went against her. It’s almost like deja vu. Actually, she seems stronger than usual…”

Right as they were talking, Satsuki stepped up to make a horizontal swing. The two jumped backwards barely dodging the assault from Satsuki. Ryuko and Saber stood side by side carefully examining Satsuki who stared back with almost a blank, yet murderous stare.


“This is going nowhere…” Ryuko pointed out.

“I agree. With our current situation, I highly doubt we will be able to get anywhere. Her strength is almost superior to our own.”

Ryuko looked down for a moment and spoke briefly to Saber.

“I’ll take her myself. I’ll keep her distracted long enough so you can enter that building.”

“What are you saying, Ryuko? That’s absurd! If the both of us can not get past her defense, how will you alone be able to do so?”

“That’s besides the point here Saber. Besides, I have a favor to return.”


Before Saber was able to speak any further, Ryuko extended her arm to block Saber from advancing any further.


“Please. We need this. If you don’t get in there, we won’t be able to stop what’s been going on. Go, Saber. I got this.”

Saber looked at Ryuko for a while before she looked down and gave a small smile.

“Understood. Please do be careful.”


When Saber had finally departed, silence fell between the two girls. Finally Ryuko spoke up.


“I don’t know what’s going on in your head right now, but I know what it’s like to not be right in the head. That’s why I have to stop you right here and now, Kiryuin Satsuki!”

In that moment, the two girls lunged towards each other, swinging their swords faster than before.


“Matoi Ryuko!”



A few moments later, Saber arrives at the structure. Perplexed by its design, Saber inspects the structure to find an entrance of some sort. It didn’t take too long before Saber found an odd entrance.





Upon entry of the structure, Saber immediately noticed something was off. When Saber had turned her head, she immediately felt a presence in front of her. As though out of thin air, a beautiful woman in black was in front of her sitting on what appeared to be a moon. Saber could sense intense magical power from who was in front of her, but she possessed a strong magical resistance. However that wasn’t the problem; the girl in front of her was Alice. She too had the red glow in her eyes. Saber prepared her sword realizing Alice too was under the control of the force they were trying to fight.

Saber cautiously approached the seemingly young witch while examining her environment. To be alone in what appeared to be just a vacant building with Alice was unsettling for Saber. Even more so when Alice would not speak a single word.


Saber adjusted her grip on the sword. With a small bead of sweat falling down the side of her face, Saber jumps forward in hopes to catch Alice off her guard. As though she had expected it, Alice quickly rose her hand as if to defend herself. Instead, a bright light grew from her hand until it consumed the entire structure.



“Uwaaah!! This is really bad!”

Chitoge started to almost shiver as she kept yelling in an unintelligble dialogue. Aoko took notice of Chitoge’s behavior and inquired upon what she had found out.


“So like, we finally found the information on that emerald thing and it looks like it’s called a Chaos Emerald. It comes from the world that weird blue guy comes from. From this wiki that we found, it says that the emerald was part of a Master Emerald and that they have mystical properties while containing unlimited amounts of highly potent and powerful chaos energy! Some of the abililties include like ‘Chaos Control’ which seems to be some teleport thingy and overall enhance abilities!”

Aoko was shocked to hear this. It did also provide her with the information that she had been wanting to know for a long time now. It finally explained the mystery of how Kud got a doppelganger and Satsuki’s mind control. She still was unsure about the entire situation. Aoko didn’t think Sanic would be capable of such a large scheme.

What am I missing…? Surely there’s something that we’re overlooking.



Suddenly a whiplash sound resonated in the area. In a moment, Aoko had disappeared. Chitoge just stood there, stunned at what had just happened in front of her.


“… eh?”




As Elsie was spectating the intense battle between Ryuko and Satsuki, she felt something pass by her. She wasn’t sure what it was but soon forgot as some sparks got closer to her. The scarf is very important after all!


“Satsuki! Will you cut it out! Come back to your sense!”

“Why are you still standing?! Surely you must realize the vast difference in power! Do you not want to be freed from the restraints that is taking advantage of your humanity?!”

“I don’t get what the hell you’re talking about! Will you just shut-”


Ryuko was cut off as she suddenly left the battle and disappeared.


“… what the hell?”


Aoko was now in the structure that Saber was just in. She did notice that Ryuko was right next to her, but she was far too shocked to see where she had ended up in. Aoko wasn’t even sure how to describe what she was thinking.

“Is this what they needed Alice for?”


The structure that Saber was once in had transformed completely. Instead of an empty black structure, it was now a pixelated game-like environment with a lot of greenery. The sky was massive and the structures were all in weird shapes.

“eY3 s33 u f0UnD m33!!11”

The girls turned to see Sanic appear in front of them. There was something strange about the hedgehog (at least… moreso than he already is). He seemed a lot more confident than he usually was. Ryuko and Saber had encountered Sanic once before, but they felt something different about his aura.

“4Ll i w|_|n73d wUzZzz 2 90 f4sss. n0\/\/ 1 c4n!!11”


After Sanic spewed out his usual gibberish, he began to almost blur until he stablized back. Then two other Sanics appeared. Sanic had made two doppels!

“This doesn’t look good at all…” Aoko sighed out.

Sanic stared at them for a long time before he finally spoke up.


“d15 g43m uF tAgG 1s b0rINg9!11 c0m3 Un, s73p 1t uPPP!111!!!!1119817(&!91!!”

To be continued…

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