Day 364: Miniature Armageddon [The Counterattack]

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“Ugh! There’s just no end to this!” Aoko complained.

With the power of the Chaos Emerald, Sanic was able to enhance his speed while being also able to teleport using Chaos Control. With his intense speed and teleportation abilities, he has been able to fight more than one person at a time. Not only that, he was wearing them down as well. Saber and Ryuko were getting frustrated as they felt a disillusioned from their previous encounter with the blue hedgehog.

“Indeed. I too am starting to grow exhausted,” Saber replied, “What do you propose we do?”

Aoko bit her lip as she tried to figure out a way to get out the situation. She looked around her surroundings as though she were looking for something. After a few seconds, she saw a small detail that seemed out of place. Aoko finally smiled a little bit and finally spoke.

“Okay, I have an idea.”

Aoko continued.



“Okay Saber, Ryuko. I need you guys to hold down the fort for me. What I am about to do is very time consuming and I will need you guys to watch out for me. Last time I did this, I had a moron helping me. Thankfully I know that you guys are capable. So please, buy me time!”

Ryuko and Saber glanced at each other for a quick moment before they nodded.



With one knee down, Aoko took a deep breath and focused on the ground. The light around her became dark momentarily as a magic circle appeared beneath her. The magic circle emanated energy as it pulsed in intervals.


Sanic suddenly stopped when he had felt what was happening. For once, he was fully aware of the danger he was in.

The blue hedgehog ran towards the source of the energy before two familiar women stopped between him in his target.

“You got a lot of nerve to think you can simply ignore us,” Ryuko threatened as she held up her scissor blade to block the path between the odd blue hedgehog and Aoko.


For the first time, Sanic appeared to be in a panic. He desperately reached out towards Aoko as though by simply extending his arm, the girl would halt her magical preparation.


I remember going through something like this before… this is definitely the work of Alice. I didn’t realize it until just a moment ago that this is simply an illusion! There’s a sanic in the background which contradicts his presence here. So if I were to shoot that, I’m sure the illusion will fall apart!


“Magic circuits, set. Alignment, set.”


Aoko whispered to herself as though going through a mental checklist. She then lifted her arm and spread two magical circles in front of her. The circles function as a sort of transformer for Aoko’s magic. Her magic takes a while to conjure up because she has to align her magical circuits to maximize her output while also having to focus on creating magical circuits so that her maximum output can be amplified.


“Aoko! You’re good to go! We finally took care of Sanic!”


Ryuko’s cue gave Aoko more relief and was able to focus even more on her magic. She began gathering the energy around the area so that she could redirect that energy through her circuits in order to amplify its power.


The earth shook as the beam was finally released. Due to the massive power of the beam, the structure shook and the illusion was started to get distorted. However…



Aoko gasped as a long blonde haired little girl jumped in front of the beam seemingly out of nowhere. Not only that… she appears to be wielding a sword. An extremely long sword at that.


“What the hell?! What are you doing here? Why are you blocking my beam? Why is that sword taller than you?!”

Shinobu smirked as she looked down on Aoko.


“Ah, you humans are so cute from time to time. Desperately trying to fight for survival. Anyway, I found something quite delectable and I figured I might as well give you a hand, ka ka!”

With one simple swing, Shinobu redirected the beam to the other side of the structure. There the original entrance ripped open causing the illusion lose stablization. A loud blast boomed through the air outside the structure. Apparently whatever Shinobu had aimed for got hit.





Aoko, Ryuko and Saber were finally able to relax as they watched the illusion fall apart. Satsuki, Alice and the doppel also appeared in front of them.





Ah, I understand now. That’s why they needed the doppel. It was never about getting more people to fight, it was able using the amount of power they had to stabilize the illusion.

The three that were originally brainwashed now had clear eyes. Whatever had controlled them no longer has that power anymore. Satsuki and Alice kept looking around confused. Aoko finally smiled in what felt like a very long time and spoke out to the girls.

“Hey. Welcome back.”

They all looked at the doppelganger trying to figure out what to do with her. However their thoughts were immediately dismissed as the doppel began to fade. As the last piece of her body faded away from existence, a small burst of energy popped as though it were a mini firework.


“Let’s go home, shall we?” Saber finally spoke. The five all looked at each other and smiled in exhaustion. Indeed, it was finally time to go home. However Aoko looked around the structure to find Shinobu. Somehow, Shinobu disappeared just as the illusion had disappeared.

Was she even there to begin with?

Aoko shook her head and walked a little faster to catch up with the rest of the girls. The fight had exhausted her, so she threw the thought away and thought how nice a cup of earl grey tea would be.


A familiar blonde figure walks in a dark corner of the unknown world. A mysterious “cat” appeared as though it no longer felt the need to be blended in with the darkness.

“I finally caught you~ It seems that your games are over now.”


Kyuubey lowered his head, staring at the ground. Without hesitation, Shinobu lunged towards the white furred creature and sunk her fangs deep into his neck. Kyuubey didn’t flinch. As Shinobu drained his power, he felt his own consciousness slip.

Ah, I guess I lost again. Perhaps… next time…

Without even blinking, Kyuubey finally crashed into slumber. The miniature armageddon was finally concluded.

Stay tuned for the epilogue!

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