Day 365: Miniature Armageddon [The Epilogue]

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Several days had passed since the incident, however everyone was back to normal and Aoko was finally able to relax. The year was coming close to an end and they decided to have everyone just hang out. Satsuki appeared to be fine now and Kud’s doppel was nowhere to be seen. A random girl by the name of Yazawa Nico did come by but she left just as quickly as she arrived.

What an odd girl. All she kept doing was repeating her own name while trying to act cute… I guess that was her way of saying thanks?

Aoko shook her head with a small smile. She was just glad that the whole ordeal was finally over.


After several laughs, good food and quality time together, the family decided it was time to conclude the party.


“Thanks you guys! You were amazing over there!” Elsie exclaimed excitedly. Saber rose her hand as well to bid farewell.

“Indeed. It was an honor to fight beside you, Ms. Ryuko. I also have to commend your swordsmanship Ms. Satsuki. I must also thank you, Aoko, for all the work you’ve done. You make quite a good leader.”

“Ah no, not at all!” Aoko exclaimed with a small blush, “I just happened to be the first Nendoroid in this family so it’s not like it was anything special! But… thank you! I’ll see you guys again.”

Shortly after Elsie and Saber left, Chitoge and Alice started to walk off.


“Hey, good work everyone! Thanks a lot, Aoko! You were super duper cool! I’m glad to have been able to be friends with someone like you!”

“I don’t know about that,” Alice warned, “Sometimes she’s selfish and eats by herself without bringing food back home.”

“Whoa hey! That was only one time, Alice!” Aoko couldn’t help but laugh though. “Okay well, you two take care, okay? I’ll see you again, Alice.”



“Well then, Aoko. We’re gonna head on out.” Ryuko said as she was turning away. “It was great fighting along side with you. I’ll have to admit I’ve never seen real magic before. It was totally cool!”

“Yeah! You were like super awesome!” Mako shouted, “I don’t remember most of what happened, but I do remember the super cool stuff! Anyway bye!”

Satsuki looked down for a moment and faced Aoko, “Thank you, Aoko. For however long it was, I felt as though everyone was in danger. I was under the influence thinking that you were all about to be sacrificed to some greater power by the clothes you all wore. I didn’t want any of you to suffer through that, yet the exact opposite happened. I thank you, for bringing me back to my senses.”

“It’s nothing! Don’t worry about it. Just go on and get some rest.” Aoko insisted. She watched as the three went on their way. Then finally the Little Busters girls stepped up.


“Wafuu! Thank you for everything Ms. Aoko! You’re so cool!” Kud exclaimed.

“I think so too,” Komari agreed. “Thank you for your hard work, Ms. Aoko!”

“Well uh… uh… Th-thank you Aoko! I think you’re… cool too. Good bye!” As soon as Rin finished her sentence, she quickly ran off. Komari and Kud looked at each other and smiled as they turned to follow Rin while waving back to Aoko one last time.


“Alright, that leaves just one person,” Aoko almost hissed under her voice, “Vampire… no… Shinobu. I think I deserve an explanation for what you did back there.”


“Ka ka! A mere human demanding me for an explanation? Little child, you have no idea how much older I am compared to you! I may be in the appearance of a little child, but my knowledge and wisdom is far more superior to yours.”

“Cut the crap. Why were you there when you said you didn’t want to help?”


“Oh ho ho~ Is the little girl upset that she wasn’t able to finish things on her own? No matter. I was there on my own accord. I was getting bored, you see. I couldn’t just stand around and watch you guys run around like lost ants. I simply just¬†had to help!”

“How were you able to enter the field though? I had just figured out how to destroy the illusion in order to get out, but you literally came out of nowhere!”

“Ka ka! Oh how you demand for answers is simply amusing! Little child, while you may have been able to have escape, you would have never been able to figure out what caused it all to happen to begin with. I simply helped with that.”


“Hmph,” Aoko retorted, “We never needed your help to begin with. I won’t say thank you, but I’m not saying I’m ungrateful.”

“As you say,¬†Aoko. Just be careful on your way back.”

Aoko watched Shinobu walk off into the distance until she appeared to have melted into the shadows.

Or did she literally become a shadow…?


Aoko shook her head and decided not to think too much of it anymore. Everything was calm again. It felt as though it had been an eternity since it was this calm.

I was the first to arrive, and now I’m the last to leave, huh? What a way to conclude the year.

Aoko smiled as she walked.


The year 2015 is just tomorrow huh? Wow. Time sure goes by so quickly. If each year is as exciting as it was this year, maybe I won’t mind things like this every once in a while… Ha, as if.

And thus finally concludes the Miniature Armageddon. The girls finally went back to their boxes to go back to sleep.


(Don’t worry though, a proper post will be up to reflect this year later!)

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