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So most of my days are usually quite dull in the sense that nothing really interesting happens. There are certain times where something happens that catches my attention and I can’t help but feel compelled to at least share my experience. It will also serve as a nice way for me to look back and laugh at it when I decide to look through my blog. Though now that I have almost 400 posts here, there’s certainly now a lot of content to look through…

In any case, let me tell you what happened yesterday that I thought was interesting.

As most of you know, I often go to Costco to purchase the tobacco that my store needs. As soon as I had picked up all the cartons that I needed for the day, several members also started to line up and there was only one cashier available. Now since Costco is a warehouse store, members typically have a large stack of items that they purchase (I’m the few exception where I don’t buy too much). As a result, there were some people who seemed a big disappointed to see a line quickly form but they quickly accepted the fact that they would have to wait.

The cashier told one of the guys that was helping her (as far as counting the amount of cartons the customer has purchased, prepping the carts for easier scans, etc) to inform some of the customers that there will be extra help on the way, but it will be just about four minutes. When Brandon (that was his name) came back, he seemed confused and little upset. He came up to the cashier I was with saying that after he had told a Mexican customer there would be a wait of about four minutes for another cashier to come up, he heard him leave and muttered “motherfucker” under his breath. Brandon was trying to emphasize it was under the customer’s breath, but he did in fact hear the customer say it.

Upon hearing this, the cashier called over for a supervisor and told him the story that Brandon just told her. They were able to quickly identify the man and the supervisor then went over to talk to the gentleman. It turns out that there is a strict policy to not treat any of the employees badly. It was a bit startling to hear about it considering most employees in other corporate companies usually just have to deal with it as best as they can. It’s either that, or they did something wrong when trying to service the customer so the blame is placed onto the employee rather than the customer.

As I was walking out of Costco, I could see the supervisor talking to the member as though he were trying to mediate the problem. I thought it was a nice contrast to what I normally see from what employees have to go through. It’d honestly make a lot of workplaces so much better if they were to protect the employees with just as much priority as they put into the customers.

Back when the slogan “the customer is always right” was valid, the point was to give the customer the benefit of the doubt in order to ensure customer satisfaction. They did later realize that there are (obvious) flaws in this slogan concerning the fact customers can also abuse this idea and try to cheat the company.┬áThus naturally they created a balance from treating the customers correctly while ensuring profits for the company. Again, it was just nice to see that the employees were being treated well.

The other story happened while I was at work. It honestly was just me over-thinking things, but it still scared me a bit at the time. 266966 crease disc_cover megane momoi_kenzou screening servant_x_service tagme yamagami_lucyAround 6:30pm, two male black guys (around the age 19~23) come into the store. Since I’m used to the apparel they typically wear and to the community they’re usually from, I didn’t think too much of it. After I had asked them what they had wanted, the guy looks at me with a completely straight face and says, “I want all the money in your register.” If he had been practicing that line, he freaking nailed it. For about five seconds (to what almost felt like forever), I was going in a small panic until I saw his friend kind of waddling around just looking at the things I have in the store.

Finally I gained control of myself and simply replied, “Aha, sorry but I can’t do that.” The guy finally put up a smile and said, “Alright haha. Lemme just get a pack of the Newport 100s.”

I had to sit down for a little bit after the incident because I was a bit shaken up. My adrenaline had started pumping from me over-thinking the situation. It really was the perfect scenario for a robbery to be honest: two young men dressed similarly to those who would rob a store at night. To be honest, I’d probably be stupid enough to try to defend myself if it were just one person. However since there were two, I started to think that I really would have no chance if I were to try something dumb. Luckily I was able to think clearly in a short time and was able to pass it off as a joke. My body certainly didn’t think it was though.

There are some of you who know me well enough to also know that I don’t really do racial profiling. The effect would have hit me just as hard if it were two white men, or two Asian men, or any color for that matter.

It at least made for an interesting day. Hopefully I don’t have to go through that again though. I’m sure my mind and body would appreciate that a lot.

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