First Audio Blog: Reflection on Little Busters!


The transcript to this is down below (though not 100% accurate). Enjoy~

So last night I just finished a visual novel called Little Busters! developed by Key. A lot of you should know about this since I’ve always been blabbing about it (especially if I’ve played it recently). Now it does say that this is a review but it’s going to be short and without spoilers because I honestly think all of you (those who I know will most likely read this) should play it. It is probably one of the most heart warming stories out of all the other stories that Key has made. All the characters are easy to love and connect with. Some of them may be really odd but that’s what makes them even more loveable. Most of all, this visual novel has also given me so many new perspectives I never considered looking through. New philosophies were gained, new perspectives, and another reason to keep moving forward with life.

A theme that was distinctively all over the game was friendship. This is probably what got to me the most in the game. The main guys: Natsume Kyousuke, Natsume Rin, Miyazawa Kengo, Inohara Masato and Naoe Riki… these were the original Little Busters. Even as they grew up, they were still great friends and managed to get along with each other just fine. There were many times in the game where the main hero of the game (Riki) had to depend on each of them. The friendships that’s evident in each of them were so touching and heart warming. It saddens me a little to reflect back on mine. I only have maybe three guys I can consider as my childhood friends. Everyone else that’s a friend of mine now are still amazing friends don’t get me wrong… it’s just that the bond that’s shared between the characters are something that I would almost consider eternal. It’s a love that only true families carry. The desire to make each other better, the desire to be with each other, the desire to grow old together… is that impossible to do now? These kinds of friendships are rare now and it’s sad to say that too. A friendship such as the one displayed in Little Busters is very beautiful and I just hope that I can one day find someone that I can honestly say, “You’re my best friend” and s/he can say the same exact thing. Though I guess I could say that about a few guys that it’d be embarrassing to say who now.

There are secrets in our world the bonds of friendship is one of them. How we uncover them is up to us, however the results will vary through each method. I can say that I was not successful at finding the secret myself until it was too late. Had I known, I probably would have enjoyed my high school life a lot more. I already did for the most part but I was introverted making it a bit difficult to find the right people to talk to. I was also betrayed by a few people (but it’s not as bad as you think it might have been). Again… friendship is a beautiful thing and I honestly wish for everyone to have an opportunity to have a friend that can always be there for you no matter what happens. A friend whom you can rely on. A friend who will protect you. A friend who is now a family member. Give your friends a place to stay… a place where they can fit in. A place where they belong.

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  1. Very nice audio post. I can hear the emotion in your voice and your background music captures the tender feeling that your topic instills. (Though funny you chose this topic since I have a draft post on a similar topic pending on my own blog).

    You know me, you know how much I value friendship and the day to day experiences we share (in my case, “school days” since they are what comprise my life right now). I would have to say that looking backward is one of the most important aspects of a solid friendship– reflecting on the memories that you have shared together. So many times conversations with my friends at college, friends that I basically live with and see every day, degenerate into talking about the past. What stupid things we did Freshman year, how clueless we were when we had to attend a class, etc. We do it, relatives do it when reunited, and old people do it– reminisce about the joyful days they shared.

    People who grow up together share a very special connection in a somewhat similar way. They have seen each other at their strongest and weakest, they have an idea what gets on each others’ nerves, they can always pick that perfect birthday present. Such experiences require people to spend a great deal of time together and genuinely enjoy their presence. I never had a chance to “grow up” with anyone since I was forced to move all the time, but I do sometimes feel like I have missed out on creating such a solid bond which would be a thrill to reflect back on.

    I agree completely with your post– friendship is a wonderful thing and everyone should be touched, and eventually enveloped in it. Quite literally, it is the very thing that has ensured the survival of humans for so long.

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