Yuuki Yuuna by Freeing and some Storm Troopers

Just a quick dump! I do have to say though… Yuuna is SO much cuter in person. I’m going to have fun finding good places to take pictures of her!

In other news, I’m getting closer and closer to finishing the pictures that have been requested for the photobook. I’m pretty sure I should be able to finish this and get it sent out by late November.






2 Replies to “Yuuki Yuuna by Freeing and some Storm Troopers”

  1. Yuuna is looking super cute!

    I have Alter’s version on order, anxiously awaiting to see if Alter actually releases her this month. I actually didn’t even know this figure until recently, if I had might have had a bit of trouble deciding which of the two to pick.

    I will certainly keep my eye for her if I can find her for a nice price down the road.

    1. Ah, I had gotten both this one and the Alter one. I really love the character a lot! Even if it may cost quite a bit, I love her enough to want to purchase both. I think I’ll be good from purchasing any more of her from now on though that’s for sure ahaha. I definitely had troubles too and I just went with both. It was within my budget so I went for it.

      If I see one for a good price, I’ll let you know too!

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